There were times in the person history when only men were measured the center of making and the world, while the women were considered lesser beings with no human or social rights whatsoever and who only served as a means of sexual satisfaction and subservience to men. Though, the situation was first changed fourteen hundred years ago when Islam came into view in the land of Arabia.

From its first days, Islam worked on creating parity among people and tried to get rid of the dissimilar barriers created by people that distinguished them from one another and let them feel better or inferior. Among the different segregations in the culture, the one Islam targeted the most was women segregation, who at that time were considered a different part of the civilization with no living standards whatsoever. Islam in order to make a passive and balanced culture entailing good Muslims, considered women an equal body and claimed their status as a productive and imperative part of the society and did whatever probable to make sure that women experienced and took pleasure in the same respect in culture like men.