The Prophet(pbuh) said: "Islam will continue to be triumphant until there have been twelve Caliphs, all of them from Quraysh."

Among the 12 Khalifah, Some were

1) Abu Bakr (632-634). 2) Umar (634-644). 3) Uthman ibn Affan (644-656). 4) Ali Ben Abu Talib (656-661). 5) al-Hasan (661-669). (prophetic caliphate ends here) 6) Muawiyah I ibn Abu Sufyan (661-680) 7) Umar ibn Abd al-Aziz (717-720)

My confusion is who are the rest of of them? When did they appear? I could not find about it anywhere. Does anyone have any idea about them?

I know its definitely not the 12 Imams of the shia and I know Mahdi is the last one but who are the ones in between?