asalaams brothers and sisters, just to let you all know about a conference which is coming up in june, this is the info i have so far on it, as a sister i know is organising it and im a helping out...if youre able to come please do, it will be a most worthwhile event!! jazakhallah!!

"A cry for Help" Conference to be held on June the 24th 2007.

This conference is a unique event. It is to be held at the Armitage Centre Manchester. Its a full day event with speakers including Moazzam Begg (ex Guantanamo detainee), Yvonne Ridley (Journalist), Dr Adnan Siddique ( just to name a few.

There will be a bazaar of stalls available selling various Islamic goods. Separate seating for sisters and brothers and also a creche facility. Food also will be available to purchase on the day. Inshallah.

What is this conference for I hear you ask?

Just for one minute think....... .....think of the children who have never met their fathers or hardly know who they are. Think of the children who cry themselves to sleep each night wanting their fathers to return to them. Think of the wives who struggle to provide for their families. The wives who have been secluded in their homes are now forced to move from place to place with no help or support.

The only support these children and these women have is Hhugs

Our dedicated team helps and provide such a valuable service. They are the shoulder to cry on the arm to lean on and give them comfort, the hand that holds their hand.

The ordeals these families are suffering need to be highlighted. Hence the importance of this conference.

Without this conference many of these voices are unheard. The Ummah is screaming in pain and no one can hear their cries.

Now is the time to help. Now is the time to support.

Here is an opportunity to help our brothers and sisters and children that are in desperate need of our help

Sister Hat